Children are very open to Spirit, it is as we get older the ability to see and hear them seem to disappear. I know personally my own children have commented on having seen someone, or balls of light and etc while they were very young.

Today my toddler was riding in the car with me and pointed to a semi truck and announced, " Mommy, that is the kind of truck you rode in with Papo". It is true that when I was kid, my father drove a semi and I rode with him in it. My most memorable time in his truck, was a trip across country that I will never forget.

It was out of the clear blue sky that my daughter made her statement. It might not have been so surprising, except for the fact my father passed long before she was born. She had never been told about my father and his semi truck. It was many years ago, and he drove for a short period of his life when he was young.
I believe it was my father who passed along the info to my daughter.

When we parked the car, and preceded to get out, my older daughter found a penny at her feet. She picked it up and exclaimed, " It was Papo mom, here is his penny". Every since my father passed, pennies have been his calling card. The day I found out I was pregnant with my now toddler, I found a penny laying at my feet in the doctor's office, and then another at my car door when I left. So here is to those we love that have passed. Thanks for still being with us, and until we meet again, our love be with you.


  1. This brings a smile to my heart and a tear to my eye. I happened across it today by accident. I was thinking of my friend that passed and my heart was heavy from missing him. This reminded me that he is not so far away. Your daughter has a gift, nourish it and it will grow. Thanks for the smile Ann-Marie! Smiles from Lena

  1. Natasha says:

    Hi, Ann-Marie! Great post! It's so sad but, at the same time, uplifting knowing that others are always around us. Thank you for that reminder.

    Beautiful Blessings,
    Natasha <3

  1. Alyse says:

    I find myself coming to your web log increasingly frequently to the point where my visits are just about day-after-day today!

    Psychic tips

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